Netflix Partners with Yet Another Big-Name Brand

By Andrea Edmunds Jul 9th, 2009

Netflix must have a really really smooth talker on board because they’ve managed to make deals and partnerships with so many large companies that they’re about as standard now to home theater electronics as Adobe PDF reader is to computers. Ok, maybe that analogy didn’t quite work. But Netflix has, yet again, made another partnership. This time it’s with the Sony BRAVIA line.

Now we have instant Netflix streaming with the Sony BRAVIA internet-capable HDTVs that are coming out this fall. But it doesn’t stop there. Netflix will also work with older BRAVIA models that can be compatible with Sony’s little internet video link module. So that means Netflix will now be available on your Sony TV – every movie or TV show you can almost imagine will be right there in your living room. Not on your computer, it’ll be TV when you want it, and where you want it (I feel like a Sony commercial). It looks like Netflix members only using the unlimited plan will be able to have this access, but we’re not positive.

We note and wonder about the absence of anything related to the PS3 and this new functionality. Could be a missed opportunity. We also wonder if Netflix will be able to get enough TV shows available to give Hulu a run for its money … hopefully not. We like Hulu and, speaking of commercials, theirs make us laugh out loud.

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