Leak Reveals Sony XBR11, XBR12 and More OLED TVs

By Dan Hope Nov 13th, 2009

Sony’s XBR line of HDTVs produces some of the best TVs on the market, and it looks like they’re already planning the next wave of high-end flat-panels. Information on nine upcoming models, including two XBR TVs, leaked along with a possible screenshot of the upcoming XBR TV. If you really like quality displays, prepare for a serious case of the “gotta-have-it” fever.

The leak confirms that Sony is developing the XBR11, which will be a W-LED Backlit LCD TV, and the XBR12, an advanced LED RGB Backlit LCD. LED-backlighting boosts the contrast and color gamut of LCD TVs and makes them more power efficient. The difference between the two kinds of LED-backlighting in the XBR11 and XBR12 is the color of the backlighting. The W-LED is a simple white light while the LED RGB is colored light (red, green and blue) that provides even better color reproduction and contrast.

Both of the XBR models will debut around 2010 or 2011, so don’t expect to get these for Christmas this year. The leak specified the XBR11 would come in 32, 40, 46, 52 and 60 inch sizes but gave no details on sizes for the XBR12. The new TVs will also include Sony’s Bravia Engine 3 Pro with HD processor, UV2 A panel technology and EMO Brand The Edge Motion Speaker, for those times when you want your TV to be as emo as your are.

Also intriguing is the mention of the KDL-ZX Series in the leak, which will be a series of OLED TVs. OLED takes the power-saving and image quality advantages of LED and magnifies them. Currently, Sony only produces an 11-inch OLED TV, which is basically a why-bother, so we’re interested to see what sizes the ZX models will come in.

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