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DLP Projector TV

Why Buy a DLP Projector?

DLP projector TVs offer a crisp, clean picture, just like their rear projection counterparts. And DLP projector TVs will usually be able to produce an image up to 150 to 200 inches in size, perfect for the home theater enthusiast. DLP projector TVs don’t have the dreaded screen door effect that is found on many LCD projectors. This is because DLP reflects the light off the chip, rather than passing light through it, allowing the mirrors of the chip to be placed right next to each other.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a DLP projector is that contrast ratio and brightness are directly affected by the amount of ambient light in the room. It is important to use projectors like the Acer H7530D, ViVitek H1080FD or Optoma HD20 in a room where you have control over the lights. This is why movie theaters have no windows and they turn the lights off when the movie starts. There are super bright projectors that do work well in bright rooms, but your projector will always look better in a dark room, no matter how good its contrast ratio or how bright its lamp is. Screen types and other information can also be found in our learning center articles on DLP Projector TVs.

DLP Projector TV: What to Look For

DLP projectors offer the same crisp, clear images that their rear projection counterparts offer. The difference is with a projector, the screen size is only limited by the size of your wall. It is important to consider the room in which you will be using your DLP projector TV before buying. If your room has large windows, you will want to make sure to get a projector that has a high lumens output. Also, for bright rooms, buying a gray screen rather than white will help with the contrast ratio as well. Since black is just the absence of light, the darkest a projector can go is the color of the screen when no light hits it. If you are looking to use your projector outside of the house, make sure to use it in a dark room and that you have a higher brightness level and contrast ratio to compensate.

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate DLP projector TVs:

There are a variety of features you will want to look for and make sure live up to your needs before purchasing a DLP projector TV. One of the big features you will want to look for is the lamp life which in DLP projectors in general is not as good as in their rear projection counterparts. Get a projector with a good lamp life and you won’t be replacing it every few months. Most DLP projectors use a fan to keep the lamp running cool. This fan can be noisy. The best projectors will have quiet fans that don’t distract from your movie experience.

The display is of course the most important thing to look over when purchasing a new projector. Resolution becomes especially important for the larger screen sizes that DLP projectors can produce. For home theater projectors, 720p is the minimum standard, while 1080p is ideal. Since projectors rely on ambient light (or the lack thereof) to produce black levels, they need all the help they can get to increase contrast ratio. Look for a DLP projector with a high contrast ratio this will improve the dark and light levels dramatically. Chances are you won’t be able to mount your projector directly in front of your screen. Keystone correction will allow the projector to be mounted at angles other than 90 degrees to the screen.

In today’s day and age having at least a few HDMI connections and a PC port are going to be some of the most important connections you will find on a projector. Be sure that your projector has enough connections for all the devices you will be connecting to it. If you are a game user or plan on using it for slide shows make sure there are connections for your camcorder as well.

Help & Support
It is very common for people to get confused about what makes one projector better than another or for you to get lost during the checkout process. A company that is worth looking into will not only provide a very well built product but will also provide a variety of ways to get additional help and support along the way.

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