BenQ W1000+ Review

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PROS / The long lamp life and quality help and support are a breath of fresh air.

CONS / The mid-range display settings bring it down a little.

VERDICT / The BenQ W1000+ is a great product for home, office or school use.

BenQ is one of the world leaders for producing eco-friendly electronics that can be recycled later down the road and re used for future products. However, just because they focus on being green doesn’t mean they skimp on the things that are important. The BenQ W1000+ DLP projector TV falls under their home entertainment section and work well in a home theater room or other dark places of the house, office or school. We were impressed with its ability to produce 1080p HD pictures which work perfect for playing Xbox, PS3 or simply watching the latest Blu-ray. The 20 degree keystone correction makes having a perfectly square picture every time a reality. You will also love the built-in 3 watt speakers that make this DLP projector TV perfect for any event.


There are a variety of features on this DLP projector TV that you won’t find on many others. The first and most obvious will be the 180 watt bulb that's used to power this projector. Some may be concerned that the lower-watt lamp will produce a faded or blurry picture; the reality is that it doesn’t quite have the power of the 230 watt bulb but still produces a very good picture. The main advantage of using a bulb such as this is that you have lamp life of up to 5,000 hours, which outdoes the closest competition by 1,000 hours. To make up for the lack in lighting power, BenQ added a higher-end lens to compensate. The amount of noise this DLP projector TV make is extremely quiet and will never be a problem in any situation you find yourself in.

The BenQ W1000+ is designed for portability and ease of use once you are ready to set it up and start the show. You will find all of the adjustment options located right behind the lens on top of the projector. We found everything to be very self-explanatory and found it a joy to use.


Projectors work a little different than other display devices and require slightly different features to make them stand out against the crowd. Some of the things such as contrast ratio and image resolution stay the same and need to be up to par with the standards set by other DLP projector TVs. The BenQ W1000+ has a contrast ratio of 3,500:1, which is a little below average and could be improved in future models. We were pleased to see the 1080p HD resolution and found that the 1,500 Lumens complemented the home theater setting you will most likely use this DLP projector TV for. The throw distance is quite good and can display images up to 300 inches in size, which is most likely larger than you will ever use. Along with the larger screen comes the need for a high degree of keystone correction, which makes every projected image perfectly square and is a must for all projectors. The vertical refresh rate varies from 50 to 85 MHz, and you can adjust it to get the best picture possible.


What you plan to use DLP projectors for will be the big factor in determining how important it is to have each type of connection available. BenQ decided to keep everyone in mind with this machine and added two HDMI slots for those who plan on using this for a home theater room. They also included a port for the computer, which is compatible with just about any system out there, and all of your basic component and composite video ports.

Help & Support

BenQ’s help and support section was actually one of the best we found online when it comes to getting the help you need with their brand of DLP projector TVs. The one thing they lacked was the use of live chat on their site which is a little disappointing since it is quite common for most electronic sites we reviewed. The easiest way to get quick answers would be to browse the FAQs section; however, if you would like to ask a question directly there is always a phone number or email.


BenQ is one of the leaders when it comes to DLP projector TVs of any shape or size. The BenQ W1000+ is just one example of a home theater projector that will get the job done and won’t cost an arm and a leg. We were quite impressed with the long lamp life and the overall size of this unit and found the company's support to be better than average in almost every area. If you want good a DLP projector TV for any situation this is a solid choice.