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LCD Projector TV

Why Buy an LCD Projector?

LCD Projectors are by far the most popular type of projector on the market today. The pricing fits most people’s budgets and the quality is very good. Their uses cover everything from home theater rooms to showing a presentation at work or school. With the large variety of uses it comes at no surprise that the size, shape and resolution vary from one LCD projector to another. High-end LCD projectors such as the Epson Home Cinema 8350, ViewSonic PRO8200 and ViewSonic PRO8100 will not only be quite small in size but will also produce clear pictures in most situations.

On this site, you’ll find articles on LCD projectors, comprehensive reviews and a variety of other details about how projectors work. Having all of this information will help you make an informative decision on which projector is right for you. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

LCD Projector: What to Look For

Since LCD projectors can vary depending on the intended application, we chose to focus mainly on those intended for home theater use. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate LCD projectors:

The lamps in every projector will fail at some point and will need to be replaced. Be sure to get an LCD projector with a long lamp life to save money on buying new bulbs. Since face noise can be a huge distraction in a home theater room, be sure to check the noise level of the projector before buying. Projectors come in all shapes and size, try and find one that fits all of your needs.

Brightness is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider in buying a new LCD projector. Too bright and contrast can suffer, not bright enough and it is hard to see a picture. Most home theater projectors will have a low brightness level because there will be no ambient light on the screen. Depending on how big you want to project your image will determine which projector is right for you. Most will project an image up to at least 200 inches in size.

The higher the resolution the better, it doesn’t matter if you are showing slideshows or watching the latest Blu-ray movie. A good LCD projector will also have a good contrast ratio. A good contrast ratio will allow the picture to be seen better in lighter conditions. If your projector is going to be somewhere other than directly in front of the screen, make sure it has keystone correction.

You need to have plenty of connections for the many devices that will be attached to your LCD projector. Any good home theater projector will have at least one HDMI connection and in many cases two. Along with HDMI ports you will also want to make sure the basic component and composite video ports are available. A port or set of ports for your computer is a must for most people.

Help & Support
Anyone who uses electronics on daily basis knows that things break or you just can’t figure out how something works. A good online provider will offer a variety of ways to get technical support and help for any issue. A downloadable user manual, email, phone number and even a FAQs page are all very important.

Knowing what to look for when purchasing an LCD projector will make the task a little less daunting. The type of projector you buy will depend on what you plan to use it for. Smaller projectors will typically have mid range features and are used for conferences and meetings. Whereas larger projectors are ideal for home theater use.

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