The Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA is a non-high-definition projector designed for presentations of any kind. This LCD projector TV is an affordable option that does a good job in smaller conference rooms or classrooms. The 3,100 lumens of brightness make viewing slideshows and other presentation possible even with quite a bit of ambient light. Keep in mind that the higher brightness levels will wash out dark images to an extent. The machine runs at an ultra-quite 22dB, which means your audience will be able to pay attention to the presentation rather than the noisy projector.

One impressive feature of this LCD projector TV is the extremely long 5,000 hours of lamp life. Because the projector is designed for simple display and has a 200-watt bulb, you are able to get much more out of your bulb before it needs to be replaced. There are a variety of different lens types to choose from depending on the size of room you're presenting in and how far away you are from the screen.

Even though the Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA falls short on image quality, the color depth is actually quite nice to see. Mitsubishi uses their sRGB technology to help create a picture that your audience will enjoy. The hue variations and color clarity are enhanced to produce colors that are more like what you would see in real life.

Weighing in at just over 10 pounds, the Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA LCD projector TV is also very easy to take with you on business trips or from one location to another. It is 13 inches wide, which means it is easily placed on a table if a ceiling mount is not available. Connecting this projector to a network is quick and simple using the RJ-45 LAN connection. This allows for remote management and diagnostics while on the road or at your business.

Along with a LAN connection, the Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA LCD projector TV also has the basic component and composite video ports, S-Video and of course a port for the computer. The connections are very easy to access and are well labeled for those who are not quite as tech savvy.

Mitsubishi offers some of the best help and support on the market. User manuals can be downloaded on their site, and they have a FAQs page which contains a large section of helpful information. If you want to get in direct contact with the company, an email address and phone number are available.


The Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA is an LCD projector TV designed for small business use, schoolrooms, tradeshows or other similar locations. The low resolution and bright lumens make it only really usable for presentations. However the small design and excellent color realism make graphical slide shows possible. We were pleased with the help and support from Mitsubishi’s online site and found the lamp life to be exceptionally long. If you are looking for a non-HD projector for presentations, the Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA is a good choice.

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Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA Screenshot
Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA Screenshot
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Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Pros: The 5,000 hour lamp life is ideal for any projector use.

Cons: The low resolution and contrast ratio make high-quality images blurry.

The Verdict: The Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA is a good projector choice for presentations.

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Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA Review