• The Differences Between LCD and DLP Projectors



    LCD projectors and DLP projectors use different technologies to create and display images. LCD projectors use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology and DLP projectors use Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology.

    LCD Projectors

    LCD projectors produce an image by sending light from a halogen lamp through three LCD panels, red, green and blue. As light passes through the panel individual pixels can be opened or closed to produce a combination that produces the effect of the desired color.

    DLP Projectors

    DLP projectors use a series of tiny mirrors that reflect a grayscale of the image that is then sent through a color wheel that contains red, green and blue to display a combination of the three colors that the eyes perceive as the desired color.

    LCD vs. DLP Projectors

    Most reviewers agree that DLP is the preferred technology. DLP projectors can run longer than LCDs without overheating and produce a consistent image throughout the duration of its use. However, often LCD projectors can produce a brighter image that may be more suitable for brightly lit rooms.


    Of course with advanced technology, comes an advanced price. LCD projectors are less expensive than DLP projectors and are still a good choice for a portable projector. Since portable projectors often need to operate in well lit rooms and are usually only used for short periods of time, an LCD portable projector can be a cost effective solution.

    Nonetheless, for movie viewing or prolonged use, a DLP projector is a much better choice and well worth the increased price.

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