JVC DLA-HD550 Review

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PROS / The high contrast ratio and easy-to-access connections are welcome features.

CONS / A motion reduction feature results in an unrealistic feel in action movies, which can be distracting.

VERDICT / The JVC DLA-HD550 is a well-rounded projector with a high contrast ratio, excellent brightness level and overall high-quality features.

The JVC DLA-HD550 is a well-built home theater projector designed for personal use or for watching movies in the park. The projector is slightly larger than those designed for presentations or other such events. However, the slick design and sturdy build makes it possible to move around the house or even to a friend’s house. Like any good theater projector, the JVC DLA-HD550 LCoS projector has a very high contrast ratio, true 1080p HD-quality resolution and other high-end cinematic features. Like many of the other home cinema projectors designed by JVC, the JVC DLA-HD550 uses a 2x motorized zoom lens and an HQV Reon-VX video processor, and it boasts one of the easiest set-ups on the market.


One thing that JVC does very well with all of their LCoS projectors is focus on keeping the noise level to a minimum so those close to the projector are not distracted. A 200-watt lamp ensures that the image is not overly bright, and it's still powerful enough to produce a quality image. The lamp life on this projector is only around 2,000 hours, which is about a 1,000 less than many of the higher-end projectors on our site. JVC uses the same high-quality 2x motorized zoom lens on all of their home theater projectors. This lens makes for quick picture adjustments, and as with any projector, this is what truly makes or breaks the quality of picture.


The primary feature that sets JVC apart from other competitors would have to be their D-ILA technology (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplification). This amazing technology delivers unmatched performance when you're watching movies, playing games or anything else you can image. D-ILA is liquid crystal technology at its best. This technology is very similar to LCoS displays, but it uses three special chips for red, green and blue – the three main colors used to create the full color palette seen on any display device.

To ensure that you get the best possible picture possible, JVC has included a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, which makes the picture stand out even more. The brightness level of 1,000 lumens is ideal for use in dark rooms, but the image will fade quite a bit if there is much ambient light. The only real problem we noticed with the display is that action movies seemed almost unrealistic because of the motion reduction used for this projector.


The JVC DLA-HD550 LCoS projector comes with all of the standard connections you would expect to find on a home theater projector. The connections are located on the right hand side of the projector, which makes for easy access no matter where you choose to place the projector. The most-used connections will be the two HDMI ports since they will ensure that everything comes across in crystal-clear quality.

Help & Support

JVC offers quite a few different options when it comes to finding expert information on LCoS projectors. Since their main focus is on LCoS technology, it comes as no surprise that you'll find a lot of information about this technology on their site. An email, phone support and user manual are also available if you have any questions or need help during the shopping process.


JVC is a world leader when it comes to LCoS projectors designed for just about any purpose. The JVC DLA-HD550 is one of their mid-range models designed for home theater use, and it is going to make most people very happy. There were a few little things that could be improved, but overall the projector has very few flaws. If you want an LCoS projector for home use and don’t mind a slightly larger projector, the JVC DLA-HD550 is a solid choice.