• Standard CRT TV Buying Guide


    High definition doesn’t have to mean flat panels and extra large screen sizes. Standard CRT TVs still do what they’ve done for years, and they’ve got some new tricks as well. When picking out a new standard CRT TV you’ll want to pay close attention to the features each provides and select one that has the extras you’re looking for: high definition, digital tuner, widescreen, picture-in-picture, inputs and outputs, to name a few.

    Don’t Be Left in the Dark with Your Standard CRT TV

    You’ll want to pay particular attention to its digital tuner because all analog signals go dark in February 2009. This means you’ll no longer be able to get a picture on your TV unless it has a digital tuner. Also, as more and more channels are supporting high definition, I recommend putting this in a list of features to look for in your new TV.

    More to Consider for Your Standard CRT TV

    Some additional items that will be determined by personal preference could include:

    Widescreen: Perhaps you’ve bought all widescreen DVDs and wish to make the most of your new standard CRT TV. Be sure the TV has this feature. Also, widescreen goes hand-in-hand with high. Look for both when shopping.

    If you’ve adjusted to being able to watch two shows at once, this is a feature you will want in your new standard CRT TV.

    Inputs & outputs: Make sure your new TV will support the various types of inputs from your DVD player, VCR, satellite, receiver, or game console. Converters usually degrade the quality of the picture, so plan for this as you’re shopping by taking a careful look at resolution.

    Size & weight: Thick glass makes up the majority of these sets, so take the time to be sure it fits (height, width, AND depth) where it needs to and that you have the means to transport it. Some of the larger sets can exceed 200 pounds!

    Audio: Be sure the quality and volume of the audio is desirable to you. At higher volumes, small speakers often crackle or distort the sound and can easily be blown. Take several steps away from the set and turn the volume up to test this in your local retailer.

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